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Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings

Dream Theater ın en yeni albümlü “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”,

Albümü şimdiye kadar 4 kez dinledim ama bir şarkıyı devamlı dinlemekteyim.
Elimdeki versiyonu Special Edition denilen versiyon.
Bu versiyonda tribute ve albümdeki şarkıların enstrümantal versiyonları yer almaktadır.

Baştada belirttiğim gibi devamlı dinlediğim ve favori şarkım “The Count of Tuscany” oldu. Müthiş bir giriş sonrasında hızlı devam eden ve son bölümde yavaşlıyarak biten bir öykü. Öykü tabiri tam olarak şarkıyı tanımlıyor aslında sözlerinide listenin sonuna ekledim.
Herkese iyi dinlemeler… Yakın zamanda dinlediğim en güzel albümlerden…

Orjinal Albüm
1. "A Nightmare to Remember" John Petrucci 16:10
2. "A Rite of Passage” John Petrucci 8:35
3. "Wither" John Petrucci 5:25
4. "The Shattered Fortress
• X. "Restraint"
• XI. "Receive"
• XII. "Responsible" Mike Portnoy 12:49
5. "The Best of Times" Mike Portnoy 13:07
6. "The Count of Tuscany" John Petrucci 19:16

Special Edition Tracks.
1. "Stargazer" Dio, Blackmore Rainbow 8:11
2. "Tenement Funster / Flick of the Wrist / Lily of the Valley"
Taylor, Mercury Queen 8:18
3. "Odyssey" Instrumental Dixie Dregs 8:00
4. "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" Jackson Zebra 8:18
5. "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two" Instrumental King Crimson 6:32
6. "To Tame a Land" Harris Iron Maiden 7:15

Instrumental tracks of the songs.
1. "A Nightmare to Remember" 15:39
2. "A Rite of Passage" 8:36
3. "Wither" 5:28
4. "The Shattered Fortress" 12:47
5. "The Best of Times" 13:20
6. "The Count of Tuscany" 18:47

"The Count of Tuscany"
Several years ago
In a foreign town
Far away from home
I met the Count of Tuscany

A young eccentric man
Bred from royal blood
Took me for a ride
Across the open countryside

Get into my car
Let's go for a drive
Along the way I'll be your guide
Just step inside
Maybe you'll recall
I kind of felt curious
A character inspired by my brother's life

Winding through the hills
City far behind
On and on we go
Down narrow streets
and dusty roads

At last we came upon
A picturesque estate
On sprawling emerald fields
An ancient world
Of times gone by

Let me introduce my brother
I've been a gentleman
Sucking on his pipe
Distinguished accent
You're making me uptight
No accident

I wanna stay alive
Everything about this place
Just doesn't feel right

I don't wanna die
Suddenly I'm frightened
For my life

I wanna say goodbye
This could be the last time
You see me alive

I may not survive
Knew it from the moment
We arrived

Would you like to see
A secret, holy place?
I come here late at night
To pray to him by candlelight

Then peering through the glass
I saw with disbelief
Still dressed in royal clothes
The saint behind the altar

History recalls
During times of war
Legend has been traced
That inside these castle walls

When soldiers came to hide
In barrels filled with wine
Never to escape
These tombs of old
Are where they died

Down the cellar stairs
I disappeared
Like the English heir
The end is near
Come and have a taste
A rare vintage
All the finest wines
Improve with age

I wanna stay alive
Everything about this place
Just doesn't feel right

I don't wanna die
Suddenly I'm frightened
For my life

I wanna say goodbye
This could be the last time
You see me alive

I may not survive
Knew it from the moment
We arrived


Could this be the end?
Is this the way I die?
Sitting here alone?
No one by my side

I don't understand
I don't feel that I deserve this
What did I do wrong?
I just don't understand

Give me one more chance
Let me please explain
It's all been circumstance
I'll tell you once again

You took me for a ride
Promising a vast adventure
Next thing that I know
I'm frightened for my life

Now wait a minute, man
That's not how it is
You must be confused
That isn't who I am

Please don't be afraid
I would never try to hurt you
This is how we live
Strange although it seems
Please try to forgive

The chapel and the saint
The soldiers in the wine
The fables and the tales
All handed down through time

Of course you're free to go
Go and tell the world my story
Tell them about my brother
Tell them about me
The Count of Tuscany

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All Along the Watchtower

6 Kasım 1967 de bob dylan tarafından kaydedilmiş bir şarkı olduğu sölenir (;>
şarkının yazarı bob dylandır ve yine bir efsaneye göre bu şarkıyı yazdığı sıralar geçirmiş olduğuı motorsiklet kazasından iyileşmeye çalışıyordur kendisi.
1968 de jimi hendrix coverlamıştır şarkıyı;(Electric Ladyland)
1988 de u2 aynı şarkıyı coverlamıştır;(Ruttle and Hum)
U2 cover ına "All I got is a red guitar / Three chords and the truth / All I got is a red guitar / The rest is up to you."sözlerini eklemiştir.
1995 te Dave Matthews Band aynı şarkıyı coverlamaktan kendini alı koyamamıştır;(Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95)
2007 super bowl devre arasında prince sölemiştir şarkıyı (;>

Ayrıca Dionysis Savvopoulos 1970 teki Ballos albümünde şarkının yunancasını seslendirmiştir.Neil Young, Road Rock Vol.1: Friends & Relatives albümünde seslendirmiştir şarkıyı. Greatful Death gurubu şarkıyı ilk defa 1987 de seslendirmiştir. Brayn Fery bu şarkıyı demo olarak 1990 ların başında kaydetmiştir.Pearl Jam 2004 te ilk defa seslendirmiştir.
Ve son olarak Bear McCreary şarkıyı battlestar galactica dizisi için tekrar düzenleyip farklı bir versyonunu hazırlamıştır. 3. sezonun final bölümünde bu şarkı ile biter.

Şimdi bu kadar müzisyenin coverladıkları bu şarkıyı niye biz bilmiyoruz diosanız muhtemelen bi yerlerde çoktan duymuşsunuzdurda farketmemişsinizdir.
detaylı bilgi için;

ayrıca şarkının orjinal halinin sözleri;

"There must be some way out of here," said the joker to the thief,
"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth."

"No reason to get excited," the thief, he kindly spoke,
"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl,
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.



Sevgiler Saygılar (;>

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Steel Dragon - Blood Pollution

18 Haziran 2009 Perşembe

Yeni Ev Açılış Partisi

Çoğunuzun bildiği gibi yeni evimin açılışını yapalı baya zaman oldu açılıştan bir iki kare resim eklemek istiyorum, ayrıca yeni ev için isim önerileri istiyorum sizlerden;
Holly Oak benim ilk aklıma gelen isim. işte resimler, ayrıca bu resimler uzun saçlı halimin son resimleridir bunuda belirtmeden edemeyecem. Bilmeyenler için bu resimlerini gördüğünüz akşamki eğlenceden sonraki gün gidip saçımı kestirmiş bulunmaktayım. bundan sonra kısa saçlıyım bilmeyenlere duyrulur. (;>

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Quotes from Stargate SG-1 Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson)

Bence pek yorum yapmaya gerek yok ama bu replikleri tam olarak anlayabilmek için Stargate SG1 ı izlemiş olmak kesin olmasada bir ön koşul... :)

İyi eğlenceler...

General Hammond: You ever think of writing a book about your military exploits?
Jack O'Neill: I've thought about it. But then I'd have to shoot anybody that actually read it. pause That's a joke, sir.

O'Neill: Oh, c'mon, Samuels. Let me be the cynic around here, okay?

Carter: You know you really will like me when you get to know me.
O'Neill: Oh, I adore you already.

O'Neill: Permission to barge in, Sir?

O'Neill: No, she tried to seduce me.
Jackson: Oh. pause You poor man.

O'Neill: No, sir? Does it say "colonel" anywhere on my uniform?

O'Neill: Perfect. If any little rocks sneak up on us, we will have plenty of warning.

O'Neill: I thought you said it was Greek.
Jackson: Oh, um, Mycenae was an ancient city in the southern Peloponnesus region.
O'Neill: Where's that?
Jackson: Greece.
O'Neill: Why do I do that?

O'Neill: We'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
Bra'tac: No, the bridge is too well guarded.
O'Neill: No, actually, there I was using a cliche.

Hammond: You know that's my car, don't you?
O'Neill: You should get that window fixed.

O'Neill: Sorry to drop in on you like this, but we were... dead.

Jackson: Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music.
O'Neill: Sex, drugs, and rock and roll?

Carter:You didn't think the Colonel had a telescope on his roof just to look at the neighbors, did you?
O'Neill: Not... initially.

O'Neill: You wouldn't think jagged bone digging into raw nerves would hurt, but it does.

O'Neill: I think I cracked a rib, too.
Carter: Why didn't you say something?
O'Neill: I was afraid you'd try to put a splint on it.
Jaffa are trying to break down the door.
O'Neill: Just a minute!

O'Neill: Well, I suppose now is the time for me to say something profound... Nothing comes to mind.

O'Neill: Well, we have a number of... shuttles.
Bra'tac: These shuttles, they are a formidable craft?
O'Neill: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Bad day.

O'Neill: What are the odds of taking out a ship like this with four gliders and, maybe, a shuttle?

Bra'tac: We shall have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
O'Neill: You know, that particular cliché doesn't... always work.

Bra'tac: Now we die.
O'Neill: Well, that's a bad plan.

Jackson: P2A-509!
O'Neill: Little brain damage along the way?

O'Neill: General, without meaning, this time, to sound like a smartass, are you cracked?

Jackson: Where are we going?
O'Neill: Back through the gate to show them what their planet looks like... in our memories... before the virtual reality... Leave me alone.

O'Neill: You all know I take great pride in my title as Mr. Positive, however, we did destroy their de-Goa'ulding thing, might not they look unkindly on that?

O'Neill: It's "O'Neill," with two L's. There's another Colonel O'Neil with only one L, and he has no sense of humor at all.

Maybourne: Striking an officer is a quick way to a court martial.
O'Neill: I'm not gonna hit you, Maybourne. I'm gonna shoot you.

O'Neill: How do I know you're really Daniel?
Jackson: Because.
O'Neill: Yeah, okay.

O'Neill: We came here in peace, and we expect to go in one... piece.

O'Neill: Apparently I have lost the fallatus to speak properly. That wasn't a joke! I didn't do that on purpose!

O'Neill: That's between you and your god. Oh, wait a minute. You are your god. That's a problem.

An officer asks them in Russian if they're spies.
Jackson: Nyet.
O'Neill: Daniel!
Jackson: He just asked if we were Soviet spies and— realizes the problem
Guard: Come with me.
O'Neill: on the way out: Nyet?

O'Neill: Well, it's hard to say.
Thornbird: Some sort of state secret?
O'Neill: No, just difficult to pronounce.
O'Neill: I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say or do that could be construed as offensive as I slowly go nuts!

Hammond: So, Merrin, I understand you're a reactor expert.
Merrin: Yes.
O'Neill: How old are you?
Merrin: I'm eleven. How old are you?
O'Neill: So Merrin, I understand you're a reactor expert.

O'Neill: All right, I gotta know. What the hell does "kree" mean?
Jackson: Well, actually, it means a lot of things. Loosely translated it means "attention," "listen up," "concentrate—"
O'Neill: "Yoo hoo"?

Teal'c: Have you not read the Bible, O'Neill?
O'Neill: Oh, yeah, yeah... Not all of it. Actually, I'm listening to it on tape. Don't tell me how it ends.

O'Neill: You know that "we come in peace" business? Bite me.

O'Neill: You know me, I'm a huge fan of subtlety, but that's downright encrypted.
O'Neill: Land of sky blue waters... loofas... "Ya sure, you betcha, snookums"... mosquitoes... home of the loon...

O'Neill: I'd be happy to debrief you all after I've debriefed myself for a nice hot shower.
Hammond: Permission to shower granted. In fact, I insist on it, Colonel.
O'Neill: Bad?
Jackson: I wasn't going to say anything...

Jack is about to hit a golf ball through the Stargate:
Hammond: Colonel! What the hell do you think you're doing?!
O'Neill: whirls around In the middle of my backswing?!

Anise: Your strength is five times that of a normal human.
O'Neill: So, no increase then, huh?

O'Neill as some thugs get ready for a beat down: Well. This is a cliché

O'Neill: What kind of archaeologist carries a weapon?
Jackson: Uh... I do.

O'Neill: There's a man... He's bald and wears a short-sleeved shirt, and somehow he's very important to me. I think his name is Homer.

Martin : A top-secret government program involving instantaneous travel to other solar systems by means of a device known as a stargate.
O'Neill: Sounds like a good idea for a TV show. If you're into that sort of thing.

O'Neill: We didn't spring a leak. Although I may have just... taken one.

O'Neill: The loons! Don't forget the loons!

O'Neill: We'll be unavailable, inaccessible...
Hammond: Incommunicado...
O'Neill: Minnesota, Sir.
Hammond: I stand corrected.

Teal'c: I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of Jell-o.
O'Neill: Call Daniel.

O'Neill: Do you know what the Goa'uld really want from us? Minnesota, that's what. For the fishing, mostly. I'll take you some time.
Tyler: Fishing?
O'Neill: Oh, yeah. Ask Teal'c. He can't get enough.

K'tano: I see you are one who speaks your mind, O'Neill.
O'Neill: Yes, which is why I don't say much.
Hammond: Colonel Chekov feels that as a symbol of our joint efforts, a Russian officer should be assigned to join SG-1.
O'Neill: Over my rotting corpse, Sir. I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?
Hammond: I said I would discuss it with you and that I was sure you would give it some careful thought.
O'Neill: And that I will, General, but I'm still pretty sure I'll say, "Bite me."

Carter: Inertial dampeners.
O'Neill: Cool... and check. Phasers?
Carter: Sorry, Sir.

O'Neill: I forgot to tape The Simpsons. It's important to me.

Baal: Do you not know the pain you will suffer for this impudence?
O'Neill: I don't know the meaning of the word. pause Seriously, "impudence," what does that mean?

O'Neillsarcastically: Why look, everybody! He's got Coombs with him!

Her'ak: No matter what you have endured, you have never experienced the likes of what Anubis is capable of.
O'Neill: You ended that sentence with a preposition. Bastard.

O'Neill: Suffice to say you might want to get upstairs and punch one on the old speed dial.
Hammond: My grandchildren?
O'Neill: Two, then.

Vernon: So what planet are they from, the aliens?
O'Neill: A place called Melmac.
Vernon: Isn't that where ALF is from?
O'Neill: Who?
Vernon: ALF, you know, on TV, the puppet.
O'Neill: Never saw it.
Vernon: No kidding?

O'Neill: That is just wrong on so many levels.

O'Neill: Teal'c without Junior... That's a concept.

Carter: There's no redundancy for that particular system.
O'Neill: So you're saying there's no redundancy?
Native pointing toward Teal'c: He is Jaffa.
O'Neill: No, but he plays one on TV.

Carter: Our goal is to take out Anubis' new super weapon. It's what gives him a clear advantage over the rest of the Goa'uld mother ships. Now, we've received word from Teal'c that Yu has pledged to bring the full force of the remaining system lords' fleet down on Anubis once we've succeeded.
O'Neill: Okay. Everyone who thinks this is absolutely an insane idea, raise your hand. Come on, be honest.
Everyone, including Carter, eventually raise their hand

Young O'Neill: Hey! I realize it doesn't actually say "colonel" anywhere on my uniform, but it should.

O'Neill: I just woke up, haven't had coffee— let alone peed in seven days and I find out you stole my ass and made a... Mini-Me!

Loki: Your bodies are similar to our original form thousands of years ago. Using your physical makeup as a template, I had hoped to find a way to construct a clone that could contain our massively superior intellect. My research was unsuccessful.
Young O'Neill: So much for massively superior intellect.
O'Neill: I was gonna say that.
O'Neill: I've spent my whole life sticking it to the man.
Jackson: Well now you will be the man.
O'Neill: I don't think I can be the man.

O'Neill trying to make a decision: Do you know what it took to get approval for Tailgate Tuesdays? Bra'tac smiles. Will there be cake?

O'Neill: Teal'c. Are you there?
Teal'c: Proceed, O'Neill.
O'Neill: You know how I get when you don't call.

O'Neillabout the Asgard: Usually they ask nicely before they ignore us and do what they damn well please.

O'Neill: So they didn't get the memo.

Maybourne: Jack. How long has it been?
O'Neill: Oh, since you got us stranded off-world and tried to kill me.
Maybourne: Ah. Takes me back.

O'Neill: Nice ride.
Jackson: Yeah, Ancients like to fly in style.

O'Neill: You're gonna have to help me out here, Carter. Got any quarters?

O'Neill to Kinsey: Think of it this way: if you don't do what they want, they'll kill you. If you don't do what we want... we'll let 'em.

O'Neill: I know your gun isn't real. However... this one is.

Joe: You have a thing for The Simpsons, fishing, Mary Steenburgen, the color peridot and you're a terrible ping pong player.
O'Neill: Have we met?

Joe: Dr. Jackson, can I just say, thank goodness you're back. Not that Jonas was a bad guy, but after all you've been through together you belong here with SG-1.
Jackson: Thank you. Jack?
O'Neill: He's a barber.
Jackson: Broke into your house?
O'Neill: Yeah.
Jackson: Second week in a row.
O'Neill: Mm hm.
Jackson: Alarm.
O'Neill: I'm thinking dog.
Joe: You could try locking your front door.

Jackson: Jack, we need to talk! Oh! Sorry for interrupting.
O'Neill: No! It's important. You must interrupt. You must.
Jackson: I think we may have found a ZPM.
O'Neill: Yes!

Carter talking about Daniel: SG-11 insisted he seemed perfectly normal. Did you notice anything peculiar about him, sir?
O'Neill: I thought it odd that he was shooting up the Gateroom.

O'Neill: So, why don't you just send her right on through. Before you know it, you'll have old camel ass back in your grubby old nits.

Ba'al: You dare mock me?!
O'Neill: Baal, come on you, you should know. Of course I dare mock you.

O'Neill: Did Anubis leave anything cool behind?
Jackson: No, not really.
O'Neill: Nuts.
O'Neill: You get well soon. And when you do, you can do anything you want... and I mean... professionally. Anything. Well not... anything.

Jackson: What the hell are you doing here?
O'Neill: Well. Nice to see you too.

Jackson: I wouldn't say this to anyone else, but for the first time, I'm scared.
O'Neill: I'm hungry.

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Gran Torino - 2008

Gran torino bana kalırsa clint eastwood’un şu son zamanlarda yaptığı en kötü film; olmasına rağmen gerçekten başarılı bir yapım 2008’deki en iyi filmlerden bir tanesi.

Filmin konusu eşi öldükten sonra, kore savaş gazisi, yaşlı bir adam olan Walt Kowalski’nin hikayesini anlatıyor. Eski kafalı bir adam olan Walt eşide öldükten sonra yanlız bir hayat sürmeye başlar. Oturdukları eski mahellede de kendinden başka amerikalı kalmamıştır. Her taraf asyalılar tarafından işgal edilmiş olduğunu farkeder. Ancak zamanla bu asyalıların o kadar da işgalci olmadığını, onlarla kendisinin pek çok ortak noktalarının olduğunu farkeder. Ve yeni arkadaşları için tam bir dost gibi davranır korur ve kollar. Yan komşusu olan aile ile yakın bir ilişkiye girer(Thao). Thao yaşı küçük asyalı bir çocuktur yol gösterilmeye ihtiyacı olan çevresindekiler tarafından çabuk etkilenen zorla yanlış yollara sokulmaya çalışılan bir çocuktur. Walt bu çocukta kendi çocuklarından farklı bir gözle bakar onlara göstermediği yakınlığı bu çocukta gösterir ve bir ikili olurlar.

Clint Eastwood gözüyle böyle bir film izlemek açıkcası keyif verdi. İzlenmeli, izletilmeli.

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Dokken - Alone Again

Bence parça süper, neden mi? Çünkü hem yıl 84 hem de slow bi parça ve ikisi bir araya gelince ortaya muhteşem bir rock ballad çıkıyor ve ben iptal oluyorum...
Don Dokken 'ın makyajı ve saçı sizi etkilemesin, ona değil parçaya odaklanın :) ve sizce haras listede yer alabilir mi bu parça bir zahmet yorum yapın :)

Id like to see you in the morning light
I like to feel you when it comes to night
Now Im here and Im all alone
Still I know how it feels, Im alone again

Tried so hard to make you see
But I couldnt find the words
Now the tears, they fall like rain
Im alone again without you
Alone again without you
Alone again without you

I said stay, but you turned away
Tried to say that it was me
Now Im here and Ive lost my way
Still I know how it feels, Im alone again

Tried so hard to make you see
But I couldnt find the words
Now the tears, they fall like rain
Im alone again without you

I tried so hard to make you see
But I couldnt find the words
Now the tears, they fall like rain
Im alone again without you

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Yemek Yemek

Hepinize merhabalar. Yemek Yemek üzerine bir kaç satır yazı tıklamak istedim bu gün. umarım sizde benim kadar eğlenirsiniz. az önce yeni bi teori şekillendirdim. Evet tamamen uydurdum hehe.

Teorimiz şöle; şimdi yemek yemekten büyük bir haz alıyoruz biz insanoğlu olarak. Aç isek şayet, süper zevkli bir iş. ve ilginçtir bu zevk hiç azalmıyor. yani vicudun aldığı dier zevklerle kıyaslayınca günde 3 kere her gün tekrar ediceksin ve her seferinde aynı zevki alıcaksın zor iş valla.

Şimdi yemek yemek için mi yaşamak yoksa yaşamak için mi yemek yemek kısmını biliyorsunuzdur hepiniz, peki işe şu açıdan bakanınız oldumu hiç? ya yemek yemek bir bağımlılıksa. yani daha bebekken bu bağımlılığın pençesine düşürülüyorsak. bir kere alıştığımız için, daha sonra da bırakamıyorsak. yani öle bir maddeye bağımlı oluyorsunuz ki, günde 3 kez tüketiyorsunuz, ve genede ihtiyaç duyuyorsunuz. yiyecek.
Nasıl bakış açınızı değiştirmeyi başara bildim mi? şimdi şunu hayal edin yemek yemeden de yaşaya biliyorsak neler olur. yani fotosentez yapabiliyorsak örneğin. yada ayaklarımızı toprağa gömüp yeterince uzun süre beklersek kök salıp topraktan edine biliyorsak ihtiyaçlarımızı. ve günün birinde aramızdan bağzıları yiyecek denen uyuşturucuyu keşfettiyse ve vazgeçemediyse bundan. ve evrim yemek yiyenleri yemeyenlerden ayırdıysa. yemek yemenin kötü taraflarından biriside yediğiniz yiyecekler sindirimle enerji açığa çıkarıyorlar. bunu hepimiz biliyoruz. ama ihtiyacımız olandan fazlası açığa çıkıyor. işte problem burda başlıyor. bu fazla enerji hücreleri yıpratıyor ömürlerini kısaltıyor. yani bu enerji içecekleri hatta enerji verici haplar gibi bakabiliriz olaya. sürekli kullanıyorsunuz, ve bu ömrünüzü kısaltıyor.
(;> bu saatten sonra yapılacak birşey yok. yemek yemeyi bırakamayız. bıraksakta o kadar az enerjiyle yaşamaya alışmayız alışsakta ona yaşamak demeyiz. ama bence bunun sorumlusu gene biziz. yiyecek denen gelmiş geçmiş en büyük uyuşturucuya devam o zaman hadi afiyet olsun (;>
Sevgiler saygılar . . .

Dip Not; Lütfen burada yazanların tamamiyle can sıkıntısından kaynaklı bir beyin fırtınası sonucu ortaya çıkmış, hiç bir dayanağı olmayan teoriden ibaret olduğunu unutmayalım, bitirme tezlerinde yada projelerde ödevlerde buradaki bilgileri kullanmayalım. Kullanıyorsakta sonradan vay efendim ben nie kaldım bu dersten die, gelip buraya serzenişte bulunmayalım. Arkadaşımızın blog undaki mevsimler yazısında yaşanmıştır, bu vesile ile kendisine selam ederim...

Brian Horton Quartet

Dielim ki Ankara dasınız, canınız jazz dinlemek istedi, hafta içi, öle giriş parası da veresiniz yok dielim. Hafta içi bedavaya kim jazz çalar demeyin, alın size jazz (;>
İf performance hall 3 haziran 2009 çarşamba giriş ücretsiz saat 20:00
detaylı bilgi;


ayrıca topluluğu 5 haziran 2009 saat 20:00 da Panora Alışveriş Merkezi'nde yine bedavaya izleye bilirsiniz...